Specific Fitment Specs

Will the Deadline action fit in a Accuracy International AX chassis?

The action will fit in the AX chassis but will need some additional work compared to other R700 chassis in order to feed reliably.

The AX chassis used AX magazines, which are slightly different from regular AICS style magazine. They have a "locating lip" on the front of the magazine. This lip sits in a matching notch in the chassis. Since the Deadline was designed with a fatter bolt body, the magazine needs to sit lower than it would in a Remington 700. Both the magazine latch and the "locating notch" will need to be milled down by approximately .060".

Also, plastic cover behind the action tang will need to be trimmed to allow the sear to travel freely when the bolt is cycled.

Will your action work with AW style Magazines?

The new Deadline action works with AW magazines. It also feeds from AICS style magazines. Note that depending on the chassis/stock you are using, magazine latch length will need to be different for AICS magazines and AW magazines. If you plan on using both magazines, you will want to get an extra magazine latch from the manufacturer of your stock/chassis. 

Are there any triggers that will not work with the Deadline action?

Due to specific design features, the Timney 510 and 517 do not perform as they should on the Deadline.