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The new generation of the Deadline action is here! 

We have taken the original Deadline design a HUGE step further by upgrading the steel its born from, the firing mechanism for even better performance/durability and we made a few small cosmetic updates to update the look.

Gen 2 features:

- Much harder alloy steel than Gen 1 actions that easily stands up to the sharp recoil of short magnum cartridges and gives better overall rigidity.

- Increased OD firing pin for added strength

- Dual, opposing firing pin springs with floating bushing

- 1/4” longer bolt handle

- Incorporated the full round "Chevron" on front of Deadline SA action housing, an aesthetic feature found on the current Deadline LA 

- Added a chamfer on rear of ejection port to prevent damage to brass casings upon ejection


The upgraded firing pin assembly can be retrofitted to all gen 1 Deadlines, and is available for purchase on our web store