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We have some OEM Deadlines for a great price!

These actions are a 700 footprint. 

These action bodies are made from 4340 whereas the current Deadline Gen 2 is built on 4330+V.

4340 is more than suitable for any short action caliber up to and including .308 Win, but is not ideal for short magnums or any caliber larger than 308 win. 

The actions are marked MAX 308Win on the side, but are otherwise fairly plain without out much in the way of other markings. 

These are available with either a .308 bolt face or a .223 bolt face ONLY. 

They may NOT be interchanged with a magnum bolt face.

Please specify which bolt face size you want when you check out under the section "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER"

These actions will come complete with a 20MOA rail, a Gen 2 firing pin assembly and internal parts!

They were built for a project that never materialized and was then cancelled. 

Get them while they last! A great deal for the price!